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Welcome to World Class Jet Services Logistics. We appreciate your interest in learning about our company’s total transportation logistics solutions.

At World Class Jet Services, we know the importance of multi-modal operations of your business. The importance of efficiently and effectively managing your daily freight operations is key in every company’s supply chain. From your facility, to the airport or dock, you can place absolute trust in World Class Jet Services logistical capabilities.

Our integrated services and management experience permits us to logically and effectively route your shipments from origin to destination. We carefully screen and select all of our contractors and agents while utilizing the latest technologies to manage and track your shipments worldwide.

We provide a host of services such as:

Ad Hoc Charter

Door-to-Door Service

Vehicle Transport

High Value / Dry Goods Transport

Unaccompanied Baggage Transport

World Class International Services

Same Day / Overnight / Courier Services

Whether facilitating an ad hoc shipment overseas or weekly supply chain, you can fully depend on  World Class Jet Services Logistics

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