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Need to quote and plan your next trip? Let World Class Jet Services fly you safely and securely.

Fly around your schedule on demand, at your leisure, and on your time. Utilize airports closer to your departure and arrival points including hundreds not served by commercial airlines. Save time and increase productivity by avoiding lines and waiting for baggage. When you fly with World Class you can discreetly enjoy luxury and peace of mind. World Class Jet Services - where safety and customer service are our first priority.

ARGUS Safety Compliance

At World Class Jet Services, we recognize safety is a top priority. Every aircraft provided for charter is screened and verified for FAA air carrier authority, hence, ensuring all regulatory and operational requirements are complied with. By utilizing Wyvern and ARGUS operators, we are able to ensure the highest third party accountability is practiced and peer reviewed. 

About ARGUS:

ARGUS is the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines. Founded in 1995, key ARGUS services include Charter Evaluation & Qualification (CHEQ) and CHEQPoint, PRISM (Professional Resources In System Management), TRAQPak market intelligence data service, aircraft operating cost reports, market research, and aviation and travel consulting. This adds another layer of protection and checks and balances to World Class customers.

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